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Judo star Açelya Toprak wins silver at the Commonwealth games

TURKISH Cypriot athlete Açelya Toprak continues to make us proud. Talented star Açelya Toprak picked up a silver medal in the Commonwealth games held in Birmingham, England, on Monday, August 1st.

24-year-old Açelya has been representing Team England on the international arena the European junior silver medallist Açelya is an extraordinary talent with a bright future ahead of her. Winning her silver medal in 2017 and has since grown stronger, gaining valuable experience at the 2022 European Championships, where she picked up another silver medal.

Speaking to Londra Gazete Acelya shared with us how she started her journey in the field of judo.

“I started judo at a club in south London when I was just 4 years old. I was enthusiastic about watching my brother and sister and I was the only one among the three of us to continue with judo. At the age of 18, I moved to London and started living in the training area located outside the city. I regularly participate in national and international competitions. For the first time in my life, I participated in the Commonwealth games. It is a great honour for me.”

Touching on how important keeping active meant growing up in London she said: “I used to live in Lewisham, my parents have been trying to get me involved in different sports activities since I was little. I didn’t have time to be on the street because I was constantly participating in sports activities. I always had sports in my life to stay away from bad friends or habits, I was busy with sports like swimming, running, judo and football. My advice to young people is to be active and continue with the sport you enjoy, and improve yourself. Judo is a way to get rid of stress, my mistake, I feel very good both physically and mentally. In the past, when I was 15, I had to go two days a week to study in a remote area. I had to take the train at 11 am to get home, but I wasn’t afraid at all. Thanks to judo, I had self-confidence because I knew I could protect myself.”

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