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Its sole shareholder is Luton Council and Luton Rising’s chairman Cllr Javeria Hussain has today explained the reason for the new brand.

She said: “As we enter a very exciting period for our organisation, we wanted to express the spirit that we are more than an airport. Unlike any other major airport in the country, we are wholly community-owned.

“Our social impact comes not just from substantial financial contributions to Luton’s public services and community organisations (£412 million in total since 1998). It is also part and parcel of how we grow our business, such as developing a new, green innovation hub, and our inclusive employment initiatives.

“As the most significant business in the region, the airport generates 27,000 jobs and £1.8 billion in economic activity. Our other assets, such as the Luton DART, have given opportunities to hundreds of people to develop skills and begin their careers, and our business parks will take this further. This is key to achieving the town’s 2040 vision of a town where everyone can thrive and no-one has to live in poverty.

“Our proposals for future sustainable airport expansion will allow us to generate even more jobs and economic activity. It will also mean we will be able to provide more support to our frontline services and community organisations who deliver incredible work to support those in need.

"Our new name and identity, Luton Rising, is an inspiring and appropriate name for this mission."

The new name and brand was revealed at the launch event of Morton House, Luton Rising’s new skills, innovation and business hub which will create 200 jobs for Luton

Luton Rising’s CEO, Graham Olver, said: “We are changing our name at an important and exciting point, as we prepare to consult early in the new year on our proposed expansion of the airport.

“Our community ownership means we have values and a mission that sets us apart. One example of this is our approach to the environment. As owners of an airport, we are fully aware of our environmental impact: particularly carbon emissions, noise, traffic and air pollution.

"We believe our sustainability measures will be some of the most far-reaching commitments to minimise environmental impacts, ever put forward by a UK airport. And we aim to go further, pro-actively supporting the council’s target for Luton to be carbon neutral by 2040.

“We are not so much a business as a movement, working in partnerships that enable lives to be transformed and community to grow. Our new name and strapline embody these values: Luton Rising – our airport, our community, our planet.”

Cllr Hazel Simmons, Leader of Luton Council, said: “Our ownership of London Luton Airport helps ensure thousands of positive life changing interventions can be made each year by the amazing charities and front line services the company funds.

"The new name and strapline much better explain what the company does and why it exists. For us it’s not about planes in the sky, it’s about creating exciting new opportunities for future generations and helping Luton become a town that truly thrives."


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