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Galactica Agency (Görüntülenme Sayısı: 10)
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Firma No 295
Telefon 07444 06 21 06
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Adres Flat 1, 58 High Street, Colchester  CO 11 DH
İl/İlçe Colchester / Türkiye dışı
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Galactica Agency
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Galactica Agency
We are focuses on providing web design, digital marketing, social media and advertisement management services to our customers.

Tel: 07444 06 21 06
Adress: Flat 1, 58 High Street, Colchester  CO 11 DH​



Galactica Agency is an interactive agency founded in 2019 keeping its showcase up to date with diverse global and domestic projects. Galactica Agency focuses on providing Internet marketing, digital branding, social media strategies and advertisement management services to our customers. Expertise, experience and creativity are three values vital to our success in supporting brands for increased visitor rates.

1.Social Media Management

Our social media management services are perfect for growing your brand’s social community and engage with the right audience. We manage everything from curation of content to management of comments and everything in between.

We offer a range of services from Account Management to Growth Strategies and Content Creation, all produced to reinforce relationship, elevate the consumer response, and increase brand awareness and conversion to your site.

2. Video and Photo Production

We are shoots product, food, activity and lifestyle photography for companies and websites. We produces, and edits photograph and video content for campaigns.

3. Email Marketing

Stay top of mind with one of the most creative email marketing campaigns. We will manage your business email marketing campaign.

4. Social Media Advertising

In today’s digital world, social media advertising is non negotiable. Its importance cannot be downplayed and, as such, to be at the top of your game social media advertising must be mastered.

Let’s be honest: it’s harder than ever to get your content noticed online. Social media advertising is a prime way to start making progress in this area. Consequences of missing out on social media marketing can be dire, and can seriously effect whether a brand, site, company or individual succeeds or fails within the marketplace. You’ve heard it said before – if you’re not on the internet, you don’t exist. This very mentality can and should be applied to brand strategy when setting up and preparing to execute any kind of campaign. Put simply, social media advertising is a must.