Before the military operation in April 14, there were some important developments that show us two pictures about Syria situation. 

First of all in 2003 the UN Security Council took an important resolution numbered 2118.
 According to this resolution chemical weapons in Syria would be destroyed.

Another resolution numbered 2235 was taken in 2015 and it was suggested that a commission of investigation was set up for chemical weapons in Syria.

 The other mission of the committee was to find who responsible for chemical attack in Syria.

When we take a close look at this period, many important resolutions were taken but done nothing. 

So, when it is the case, we can question if there is bigger picture than the tactical photo.

Because although 215 chemical attacks for past six years, the coalition forces have waited for a long time for operation. As known that Esed and his regime has been responsible many of 215 attacks. 

Esed has dirty past for both chemical and conventional deaths and the military operation of coalition countries may make a limited pressure to prevent further chemical attacks over Esed and his regime in Syria but when we think other provocative options and UN previous period on Syria, it is also necessary to search who responsible for the last chemical attack.

Based on recent developments, we can say that there is a bigger picture behind Syria. There are a lot of political aims in the back of the military operation.

First having on edge over Russia and İran in Syria field. 

The settlement of coalition forces will be easier and more powerful especially in northern Syria.

Because trying to undermine Regime in Syria can lead to weaken Iran. Second aim may test the Russia military capacity. As known that 105 missiles were used by coalition forces and 71 of them were shot down by Syria, in other words Russia air defense systems.

Meanwhile new generation smart missiles and weapon systems have been marketing.

I have to say another important thing that the coalition countries have obtained a new and more powerful argument to intervention to Syria after ISIS. I thin ISIS terrorist organization has been useless for a while. They need new means instead of ISIS. The name of new argument is chemical weapon in Syria. I think the process will continue in the future and the coalition forces can make further military operations in Syria.

In this period Turkey has a key role among all parties.
Up to now Turkey has tried to make stability and peace in the region. Remember operation Euphrates Shield and Oil Branch and also Idlib.

By making these military operations, Turkey has cleaned terrorists out from the regions. And Turkey has also carried out humanitarian support operations together with the military operations in Syria. So this operations has provided Turkey social and political legitimacy in both Syria and international communities. Because of these, Turkey has reached level of the most reliable country in the region. Turkey was seen as an intermediator between two parties before the military operation. 

If we look at the past, the tensions between coalition countries and Russia-İran block reached on the top two weeks ago. And the crisis tended to turn into bigger conventional risk. If the situation went to worse, regional and even global fighting risks could have come up.
Turkey said all parties that They must focus on Syria problem not to against each other. Syria problem must be solved as soon as possible. And so, the crisis diminished. Controlled, limited military operation was carried out by coalition forces.

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