When to consider breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery is reducing the size and volume of the breasts and giving a nice form. Most ladies are having problems with big breasts in everyday life and they also deal with these problems in regular basis. They already think that big breasts with consequences are unavoidable. Breast reduction surgery focuses on giving a balanced appearance to upper body by removing excess skin, fat and breast tissue. Another issue is to get the nipple to its original position.

After this formal description lets discuss what my patients say as they describe what they want. “Doc I cannot fit my breasts to any kind of bra, do I always have to go to Marks and Spencer, I want to go to Victoria’s secret.” “Doc I have serious back and shoulder pain and my rheumatologist said my breasts might be the real problem” “ Doc I cannot wear one piece dresses my upper body size is much bigger than my lower and I even don’t want to mention bikinis and strapless night dresses”

If you are shopping and you think more likely as “can I fit my breasts in this dress” or “can this dress hide my breasts”, this means that you think your breasts more than yourself while shopping. If you tend to avoid gym or sports because of feeling that you cant even run properly because of your breasts. Some of the patients seeking breast reduction surgery are teenagers with enlarged breast due to a medical condition called “gigantomastia” occurring after puberty.

Besides these you can have some additional medical problems associated with big breasts such as rashes and fungal skin infections.

I would like to finish with one of my patients request that hit me the most; “Doctor I want to wear a tiny t shirt without a bra, that’s all I wish “ breast
reduction surgery is a personalized procedure and if you have experienced one of the above mentioned issues before, you might be a candidate too. Please ask for a consultation.

Candemir Ceran MD Associate Professor of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
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