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The Art of Pyrography


HLS GALLERY will be hosting solo exhibition '’THE ART OF PYROGRAPHY’ by Carlo Giuseppe Proietto between March 26th – Aprıl 1st, 2017

Carlo Proietto’s sharp, fluid compositions feature dazzling choreographies of lines and form, bounding movements between layers of figuration, text and abstraction. This effect is only made bolder by his choice of media. The Italian artist has written extensively on pyrography, a practice whose sharp strokes and clean shapes may evoke woodblock printing, drawing and even oil paints, but whose process is far more intriguing and volatile. Proietto composes each line by applying a heated element to his surface, manipulating burn marks and temperatures to mould their tint, thickness and movement. This lends figurative elements made of bold, thick marks an illustration-like quality, whereas abstract geometric patterns call to mind prints and etchings.

Proietto, a passionate advocate of pyrography’s major artistic merits, makes his best arguments for the medium in his work, which abounds in infinitely sensitive modulations of tone and line, closely packed complex elements alongside gracefully molten movements.

His subjects meld portraiture and exhaustingly rendered pop culture imagery with fragments of text and networks of abstract geometry that could represent the indecipherable hieroglyphs of some lost fire tribe . He combines familiar symbols and characters with confrontational portraits and highly personal grid-like forms for a total effect that never overwhelms with its bold, clean lines, but maintains a surprising, combustible charge.

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